MAS and static NMR with optics

NMR Service provides MAS and static probes equipped with light emitting diodes (LED) and/or other optics close to the sample. This enables an exposure of the sample with light of variable spectral width during the NMR experiment. The LED/optics system is fully synchronised with the NMR console and offers highest measurement efficiency, e.g. in overnight experiments with automatic switching of the LED (on/off or spectral width).


optics nmr


Furthermore, the optics features can be combined with in situ functionalities. Please find suitable options and full setup opportunities summarised above and below. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further details and your customised solution.




Make it a full setup! Suitable options include:

NMR and MRI consoles

RF power amplifier

  • Tomco (Australia)
  • HF Barthel (Germany)
  • Customised solutions