NMR Service provides various probes, spectrometers, and accessories for NQR spectroscopy, e.g. in materials research and/or for the detection of explosives. Please find some of our products, suitable options, and full setup opportunities summarised below. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further details.



One of many innovative approaches conducted by Michael Hope (Cambridge, UK): a standard MAS NMR probe equipped with an eATM ROBOT to enable automated frequency sweep NQR experiments.


NQR probes (more)

  • NQR Table Top probe
  • NQR Table Top Low Frequency probe
  • Static LT X NQR probe


Make it a full setup! Suitable options include:

NQR consoles

RF power amplifier

  • Tomco (Australia)
  • HF Barthel (Germany)
  • Customised solutions