In situ NMR and MRI

NMR Service provides probes and accessories for in situ NMR, PFG-NMR, and MRI experiments. Please find some of our services, products, suitable options, and full setup opportunities summarised below. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further details.


in situ everything

In situ solid-state NMR probes (more)

  • Automatic tuning/matching cycler (ATMC) single-resonance NMR probe
  • Double-resonance 19F/1H—X in situ NMR probe

In situ NMR and MRI equipment

  • Plastic cell capsule and (dis)assembly tool
  • In situ NMR setup: make commercial NMR/MRI probes “in situ” ready!

User training: NMR on battery materials (2 days)

  • Detailed hands-on training on the assembly of electrochemical cells, including plastic bag cells and the plastic cell capsule
  • Scientific discussions and hands-on training on the preparation and choice of electrode materials; e.g. self-standing film preparation, metal anodes, and electrolytes
  • Assembly of a symmetrical Li—LP30—Li cell (bag cell or plastic cell capsule) and setup of in situ NMR measurement on both the metal and electrolyte peak using automatic tuning and matching
  • Please note, we provide all the equipment to assemble the cells but no chemicals; i.e. the user needs to have metal anode, electrolyte, and active material ready. In addition, parts of this user training require access to an Argon glove box. We are happy to consult via email, phone, or Skype on the purchase of chemicals/materials.


Make it a full setup! Suitable options include:

NMR and MRI consoles

RF power amplifier

  • Tomco (Australia)
  • HF Barthel (Germany)
  • Customised solutions



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